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Can we end AIDS?

We absolutely can. You know, we are in a really phenomenal time, in the HIV epidemic now, where people 20 years ago would say, I was crazy to say I want to end AIDS. But that time is here. You know, you can look off into the horizon and see these biomedical interventions, where you can put someone on one pill once a day, to protect them from ever becoming infected. Where you can drive down the amount of virus in people’s bodies and communities, so that they’re able to engage with people safely. There’s just so much that we can do now to prevent people from ever becoming infected and even for those who are infected, have them have healthy and wonderful, well-engaged lives, that I think that the end is near.

Dr. Flash talks about how advances like PrEP and treatment as prevention have brought us closer than ever to ending the AIDS epidemic.

When taken as prescribed, antirerovirals (ARVs), the medications used to treat HIV, prevents transmission of the virus. This is known as treatment as prevention.

In addition, PrEP is a major advance in HIV prevention. This once daily pill offers those who do not have HIV another powerful means of protection.

While there is no cure for HIV, we have the tools today that could lead to the end of the disease.

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