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My name is Aziz I’m a father of five, husband, entrepreneur. I talk openly to my children about sex, about using condoms. No one’s immune. It could happen to you. I’ve lost three good friends within the last year or two who died from AIDS or complications of AIDS. People basically if it’s not affecting them, they look the other way. You can participate in your life today. It’s all about the decisions that you make. My deciding moment was seeing my friend on his deathbed but it made me decide to get involved and to let people know, if you don’t take care of yourself if you’re not the one to look out for you, then you can’t rely on another human being to do that for you. You need to participate in your own survival.

Aziz had seen too many friends of his impacted by HIV and AIDS, including several of his friends die of complications with AIDS. He knew that he could no longer sit back and watch. He made the decision to get involved any way he could.