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I have been HIV-positive since January 2014 was when I received my diagnosis. It was just shock. Really trying to understand how this was going to change my life and you know, how I was going to accept it and how I was going to share this information with the people that I love.
Before my diagnosis I was pretty vocal about talking to my friends about getting tested. I was always kind of encouraging other people to take care of themselves and to make sure they were being safe. When I received my diagnosis I felt very sort of like a hypocrite. I felt ashamed because I I knew better, I knew better than to do the things that I was doing and to just expect for nothing to happen. There’s just a lot of days still where I feel like maybe it will take a long time to find someone who’s going to love me this way, who’s going to really accept me for who I am but I think that starts with accepting yourself.

“It’s a two way street. You can’t be holding someone accountable to know their status and not be holding yourself accountable.” Angel talks about the importance of talking honestly with sexual partners about HIV and getting tested regularly.

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