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Hi my name is Andre. I have a partner of 11 years. We complement each other, I think, and we both respect each other. Albert is the type of person that when, when he walks in the room and he smiles, he lights up the whole room. When Albert and I met and became serious, we decided to get tested together, and we discussed HIV. We wanted to be safe, we wanted to be happy, and live a long life together. Being negative doesn’t mean that I won’t talk about HIV and won’t continue to be tested and continue to be involved. I think it’s important always to be tested even if you’re in a committed relationship. I’m actually proud to be one of those people that is vocal about my sexuality, vocal about being tested, vocal about HIV and to encourage others to get tested, to encourage my nephews to get tested. There’s nothing wrong with doing it and it’s actually a very noble thing. AIDS is not a gay disease AIDS is a human disease. It’s, it’s a human disease that’s preventable. First and foremost, protect yourself, have safe sex always. If he doesn’t want to use a condom, then he quite possibly isn’t the one if he’s refusing. If, if he’s the one, he’s gonna respect you and he’s gonna do as you ask. Otherwise move on, there will be another Prince Charming out there for you that will use a condom.

Andre and Albert have been together for many years. Early on in their relationship they decided to get tested together for HIV. Even though their tests came back negative, they continue to get tested and speak openly about HIV together, and with their friends and family. They know that this is an important issue and they want people to know that getting tested should be an act of pride, not shame.