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New Videos to Help You Stay Connected & Healthy During COVID-19

COVID-19 Ambassador Videos

While HIV services may look different during COVID-19, they're still available! From at-home HIV testing to virtual appointments and tele-PrEP, care is innovating to meet people where they are today.

In new videos filmed over Zoom, Ambassadors share how they're staying healthy and connected during COVID-19.


"If you are living with HIV right now, I want you to know that you're not alone. You have people that are in the public health field that are working tirelessly to make sure that we keep you healthy."


"I think it's given me motivation to take care of myself during this time, because you never know what might happen."


"I've gone on nature walks with friends. Being able to go and walk through the park together even though we're maintaining our six feet away from each other feels good."


"Right now, we're doing virtual linkage, either a phone call or FaceTime or a Zoom call. It's about trying to make sure that all the newly diagnosed and also the returning to care individuals are getting the care that they need."