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Stay Home. Save Lives.

Need help understanding what social distancing means? Stay Home Save Lives, a new campaign from some of the nation’s most prominent health care professionals, can help.

STAY AT HOME as much as possible. Coronavirus may be in your community now or it may be soon. Until you hear otherwise from health care officials, even if you have no symptoms. That means avoiding play dates, sleepovers, bars, restaurants, parties or houses of worship. Avoid all crowds.

What can you do instead?

  • Stay Home. Save Lives.You can still take walks outside, shop for essentials and enjoy your online community of friends.
  • Stay connected in other ways. Check in on your loved ones and friends frequently.
  • Keep informed about what is happening in your neighborhood.
  • Give to people in need in your community: supplies for food pantries, financial donations, personal hygiene items.
  • Buy online gift certificates to your favorite local stores and restaurants — and use them when this is over.
  • Be a neat freak. Keep everything as clean as possible.

Wash your hands. Early, often, thoroughly.

If you’re going to spread anything, spread help, compassion and humor.

This content is re-purposed from USA Today. Learn more about Stay Home Save Lives.