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Let’s Talk About HIV Undetectable

Charlene Flash, MD, MPH
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I’m Dr. Charlene Flash and I’m here to talk about HIV.

Some people think that if they have a partner
who is living with HIV, it’s inevitable…

…that they’re going to get infected.
And that’s not true.

It’s important that your partner is on treatment
and their viral load needs to be undetectable.

Once your partner’s viral load is undetectable and it’s sustained,
he or she won’t be able to transmit HIV to you.

So, it’s actually in your best interest
to help him or her be consistent with their medication.

And, even before your partner gets undetectable,
those are spaces where it’s an ideal situation for PrEP.

Where you know your partner has HIV and you just wanna
make sure that you’re taking care of your business.