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Let’s Get Summer Ready!

Demetre Daskalakis, MD, MPH

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Hey girls, gays, and theys stop right there. I got some good information for you. Watch this video.

Summer’s fun. I want to start with that… We expect you to have a great time, like, whether that’s through Pride festivals, or, all of the other events that really celebrate the LGBTQAI+ community.

So, let’s start from there.

Number one: Know before you go.

Stay up to date with sexually transmitted infection testing. Make sure you get your butt swabbed and throat swabbed. If you’re using a part of your body for sex, you should get that screened for gonorrhea and chlamydia.

Number two: Get the mpox vaccine.

If you haven’t gotten your mpox vaccine, make sure you run and get it. If we get on top of it, we are going to not only protect our health, we’re also gonna protect our summer fun.

Number three: Consider PrEP.

If you are someone who could potentially benefit from pre-exposure prophylaxis, consider starting it, or if you’re on PrEP, make sure that you have enough medications, so you’re good to go for that season. If you don’t want to commit to taking a pill every day or taking an injection every couple of months,

… there is another option. It’s called episodic PrEP or 211 PrEP and that’s PrEP on demand,

Number four: Be prepared. Naloxone.

And, lastly, sometimes when we go to parties for Pride and other events, there are people who may be using drugs. And, it’s really important to know how to arm yourself to prevent overdose, including, potentially using naloxone. There’s a lot of information about that, but really be prepared to go, be prepared to have fun, and also go in there with all the tools that you need to stay happy and healthy.