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3 Things to Know About HIV

Charlene Flash, MD, MPH
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As an HIV doctor, here are some things I want you to know about HIV.

Number one. HIV can be controlled with treatment

Nowadays, we treat HIV with medications called antiretrovirals. Our goal is to get your viral load undetectable and to get your CD4 count, your immune system, as strong as possible.

Number two. HIV undetectable is untransmittable.

If you get your viral load to undetectable, and you keep it there, you cannot transmit HIV to your sexual partner.

Number three. PrEP prevents HIV.

PrEP is taken once daily on a regular basis to protect people who are at risk of getting HIV. It’s a game changer. So, whether or not that sexual partner decides to consistently use the condom, you know that you’re protected.