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National HIV Testing Day Activation WE>HIV | Walgreens

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Thank you for being a part of the National HIV Community Partnership!

This Partner Portal is your go-to online resource for all testing partner needs during the 2024 activation. We will continue to update it with more info.

If you have questions - or if your plans change - please email Greater Than HIV.

Quick Links to Resources

  • Interactive map on of all testing locations for NHTD 2024.
  • Digital toolkit with graphics, sample social media posts and more.
  • Recording and slides of past webinars from Greater Than HIV and Walgreens about this year's NHTD activation.
    • 4/24 – Webinar #1: Kick-off! View the recording here and slides here.
    • 5/21 – Webinar #2 Setting Up for Success! View the recording here and slides here.



Make a plan for getting the word out about your testing event! Now is the time to think about how you'd like to promote your event in the community, on your digital platforms and on local media (local radio, TV, etc.). Do you have a budget for promotions? The Digital Toolkit has all sorts of materials available to use in your planning.

Friendly reminder! Make sure your organization has submitted your Limited Use License Agreement(s) (LULA) for each testing location and Certificate of Insurance (COI) in the Walgreens portal. If your organization would like to also provide free rapid syphilis and / or hepatitis C testing, an additional LULA is required. Questions? Please email


If you haven't already, start promoting your event! Use the plan you made in May to get the word out about your testing event on your social, web and email platforms. Don’t forget all of the assets available in the Digital Toolkit.

  • 6/10 – Use the Walgreens store manager list (forthcoming) and reach out to your store(s) to introduce yourself and set up a pre-activation site visit.
  • Partners receive community toolkit(s) including promotional materials from Greater Than HIV and Walgreens (including T-shirts, posters, stickers and more) to support outreach and in-store tabling. If you haven't received your materials by 6/13, please email Greater Than HIV.
  • 6/12 – Optional "Office Hour" (11am-12pm PT / 1-2pm CT / 2-3pm ET). Register here. A recording of the meeting will be made available.
  • 6/27 – FREE rapid testing and information on National HIV Testing Day at Walgreens!
  • 6/28 – Required NHTD post-event questionnaire will be emailed directly to the primary contact at your organization. Keep an eye out!


How did it go? Please submit your post-event survey to Greater Than HIV so we can report on the successes of 2024.

  • 7/12 – Deadline to submit your required post-event questionnaire.


Frequently Asked Questions