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National HIV Testing Day Activation WE>HIV | Walgreens

Interested in HIV, hepatitis C and / or syphilis tests for the 2024 National HIV Testing Day Activation on Thursday, June 27th? Read on for more information about partner requirements and what you can expect from Greater Than HIV, Walgreens and the test manufacturers.

  • Donated tests are only available for organizations participating in the 2024 Greater Than HIV / Walgreens NHTD Activation. Please do not share your emailed request form with other organizations.
  • Quantities of donated tests vary, with a limited supply of HCV tests available. We do our best to allocate them to organizations with the greatest need.
  • Your organization’s contact information will be shared with the test manufacturer(s) that will be providing you with test kits.
  • Test manufacturers are solely responsible for the quality and quantity of the test kits your organization receives.
  • Test manufacturers are offering technical assistance and training for their respective tests as requested.
  • Some test manufacturers may provide limited test kit controls upon request.
  • Walgreens and Greater Than HIV do not endorse any particular test, nor are we able to guarantee specific test requests.
  • If your organization receives donated tests, your organization should be familiar with and be able to adhere to the local reporting and linkage to care requirements applicable within your jurisdiction.
  • Please note: confirmatory testing via a blood draw (venipuncture) is NOT allowed on site. If your organization’s protocol is to conduct confirmatory testing via a blood draw, then you must refer the individual to your clinic / office location.

If you have questions, please email