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“Speak Out: Let’s Talk! For Our Relationships, Health, and Community” is a 30-minute video from Greater Than HIV to foster and support discussions about HIV/AIDS. Presented in three chapters with an introduction, this intimate and candid conversation explores issues around HIV that gay and bisexual men face but don’t always talk about enough, and provides tips for staying healthy regardless of status.

Young gay men account for 1 in 5 new HIV infections in the U.S. today. But according to a national survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation, few gay or bisexual men are talking about HIV with anyone, even with those closest to them. Two-thirds say the topic rarely or never comes up with friends. Nearly half say not with intimate partners. Whether positive or negative, we all have a role to play in ending AIDS.

Watch each chapter below, and download a complete discussion guide here.

Ready to host your own watch party? Download the guide here.

Introduction: Speak Out!

Part 1: For Our Relationships

Part 2: For Our Health

Part 3: For Our Community

Speak Out is a campaign of Greater Than HIV to engage the LGBTQ community in confronting the silence and stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS. To learn more, visit