We Are Family: Love Saves Lives! National

  • “I could see it was a burden lifted off.”

    Deondre and Kathy (Coming Home)

  • “She always makes sure I’m taking my meds.”

    Deondre and Kathy (A Mother's Love)

  • “I have an opportunity to use my voice.”

    Deondre and Kathy (Keeping Faith)

  • “This is your child. Nothing else matters.”

    Adrian and Angie

  • Meet the Families 1.0

    We Are Family

  • Meet the Families 2.0

    Somos Familia

  • “You have to get a different mindset.”

    Duston and Karen

  • “I am proud of you.”

    Ana and Felix

  • “It made us stronger.”

    Cynthia and Marcus

  • “We taught each other.”


  • “It was scary to tell her, but I trust her.”

    Necaela and Victoria

  • “It’s not talked about enough.”

    Eddie and Jose

  • “She helped save my life by showing me love.”

    Masonia and Crystal

  • “We need someone to take care of our spirit.”


  • “I love that I can talk openly with her.”

    Victor and Silvia

  • “He’s the reason why I am where I am now.”

    Eddie and Jose

  • “We added an extra layer of protection.”

    Adrian and Jeff

  • “He’s negative & we want to keep it that way.”

    Victor and Brian

We Are Family I Somos Familia

Mothers and sons. Childhood best friends. A pastor and his congregation. Brothers and sisters. These are some of the people sharing powerful stories here about how they are facing HIV together with loved ones, and thriving as a result.

One of the hardest things following an HIV diagnosis can be telling family and friends. Loved ones often have questions, or are not sure how to provide support.

Watch these inspiring stories to see how others are doing it. And, click here for more resources about HIV and providing support for loved ones.