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What is monkeypox?

The monkeypox virus causes painful sores. It is spread mostly through skin-to-skin contact. Vaccines are available.

Look for rashes or open sores, especially on genitals and anus. Flu-like symptoms may come before sores. Take precautions not to spread the virus to others. Avoid being intimate until sores have completely healed. Get checked out by a medical provider if you think you have monkeypox. If you don’t have a regular provider, visit a public health clinic.

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Think you may have been exposed to monkeypox? Find a health clinic near you.

Monkeypox causes painful sores on the body and serious illness. Flu-like symptoms and a rash are often the first signs of infection.

If you think you have monkeypox, or have been exposed, get screened by a medical professional. Free and low-cost testing is available.

If you have already been exposed to monkeypox, getting vaccinated as soon as possible after exposure (ideally within 4 days) may help prevent disease, or make it less severe.