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Ready to join 250+ organizations providing FREE HIV testing on June 27th for National HIV Testing Day?

Here’s what is required to be an eligible community testing partner:

  1. Confirm your agency is certified to provide HIV testing
  2. Commit to providing FREE HIV testing at a local Walgreens store Saturday, June 27, 2020 from 10am-7pm
  3. Have a minimum of 2 staff members at the Walgreens store during testing hours of 10am-7pm, and if possible, additional staff members assisting with outreach and engagement at the store and surrounding area
  4. Provide HIV test kits to support your event* – a minimum of 25 is required. Plan to scale up the number of test kits to meet the demand (the average number of HIV tests per store in 2019 was 22.3)
  5. Promote your testing event through your website, social media, and community outreach
  6. Provide a copy of your organization’s certificate of insurance to Walgreens
  7. Sign and return a limited use license agreement (LULA) with Walgreens
  8. Provide testing event results, including numbers of tests conducted, preliminary positives identified, and overall feedback within 2 weeks following the event

And here’s what you can expect from Greater Than AIDS and Walgreens:

  1. A community materials tool kit including posters, informational guides, T-shirts, promotional giveaways, and more to support outreach
  2. A digital tool kit that includes downloadable flyers to customize, web/social media graphics, and social posts to support promotion leading up to the event
  3. In-store promotions (posters, etc.) for the week prior to the event
  4. Paid digital promotions and media outreach promoting your event
  5. Greater Than AIDS website listing your participating location in a searchable map

Still want to learn more? Click here for an overview of the partnership.

*Greater Than AIDS and Walgreens may secure a limited supply of donated test kits for this partnership, and we do our best to make them available to organizations with greatest need. We cannot guarantee availability.