Getting HIV Care and Support through the Ryan White Program during COVID-19

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program works with health departments and local community-based organizations to provide HIV medication, care, and other support services for people living with HIV who do not have insurance or are underinsured. The AIDS Drug Assistance Program or ADAP, which is part of the Ryan White Program, helps provide access to HIV medications.

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) public health emergency, some states are making Ryan White and ADAP eligibility procedures more flexible to allow for social distancing among clients and staff - including appointments by phone or video. Your local Ryan White / ADAP program can help you figure out what is available to you and the best options for getting access to care and treatment. Find a Ryan White care provider near you.

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Short, powerful testimonials from Greater Than AIDS feature real people sharing their experiences getting HIV care and treatment through the Ryan White and ADAP programs, and what the support has meant for their lives.

Getting & Paying for Care

“For any person who's experiencing issues with getting into care or finding HIV medication or because you don't have insurance, don’t be discouraged. You can get into care for HIV whether you have insurance or not,” says Mahlon.

With a record number of Americans losing jobs and employer-based health coverage, the Ryan White program remains an essential safety net for people living with HIV to connect with and pay for HIV care and services.

The program covers a full array of health and support services for people living with HIV - HIV treatment, medical care, lab visits, mental health services, and more. “The Ryan White Program basically saved my life. It has afforded me my medication, copays and assistance, my labs to keep me healthy,” says Kneeshe.

For Aurelio, it was the AIDS Drug Assistance Program that helped him get and pay for HIV medication when he needed it most. "Being able to have that access and that support helped me to get through the beginning process of being HIV positive."

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program & ADAP Provide:

  • Medical Care and Treatment
  • Mental Health
  • Substance Abuse
  • Housing
  • And More

To learn more about the services provided and what is currently available, find a Ryan White provider near you.


Mental Health & Support Services

In these uncertain times, self-love and self-care is more important than ever. In addition to HIV treatment and medical services, the Ryan White program provides support services like mental health care and counseling.

Connecting with a mental health care provider helped Marnina learn to manage her HIV diagnosis and move from surviving to thriving. She explains, “Having a health care team that was able to address my depression, able to address my anxiety, kind of propelled me to be able to address my HIV diagnosis, because had I not been able to address the mental health part of my diagnosis I would have never gotten to my treatment.”

For Raul, it was a social worker who provided support and connection to essential resources when he was newly diagnosed and didn’t have health insurance. “She did a lot for me during those first two months after the diagnosis. I still keep in touch with her. She's one of the reasons why I'm here today.”


For people living with HIV, staying connected to care and treatment is more important now than ever. Learn more about living healthy and well with HIV during COVID-19.